Top of the Rock by Zanita

Hello Trouble and Ninja,
Todays theme fits perfectly to the photo I was thinking of submitting this weekend. My boyfriend and I love to have sex in public, and recently we had the idea of not doing it in public but in front of someone else. So this photo was taken by our friend, while we were having sex in front of him for the first time. At the bottom you can see his legs, which makes this photo pretty funny, I think.
The story is not that kinky, but it’s a good image of an experience I enjoyed. 

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I did not notice his legs in the corner, I guess I was so captivated by the passionate kiss and how beautiful their bodies look together. I definitely admire your bravery and confidence by inviting a friend to watch your sexuality, I share the same fetish but have never found the chance to fulfil it. I definitely wish situations like this were more common among close friends. I must also compliment the photographer, the image looks spontaneous and careless but every little detail is perfect. How his legs are slightly blurry in the foreground and the sun rays shine behind them in the background. Thanks for sharing your photo with us I think it’s something special. 

Nicoletta Branco

w by rozeslon on Flickr.